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Institutional Master Plan Projects & Timeline for Submission

The projects to be included in South County Health’s Institutional Master Plan were presented by Aaron Robinson, President & CEO, and Anitra Galmore, COO & CNO, during a community workshop held on June 7, 2022 in the Potter Conference Center at South County Hospital and virtually via Zoom.

Below is a brief description of the projects to be included in South County Health’s Institutional Master Plan:

Projects influencing volume and throughput on our campus

  1. Permanent expansion of surface-level on-campus parking through the acquisition and development of Town Farm Park via land swap while optimizing existing parking areas through demolition of obsolescent structures, including a storage shed on the South County Hospital campus and possibly the facility located at 85 Kenyon Avenue.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  2. Completion of the third shelled-out endoscopy bay in the recently renovated endoscopy suite to accommodate demand for routine preventative, diagnostic, and interventional endoscopy procedures.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  3. Development of an eighth operating room and reconfiguration of pre- and post-operative spaces to accommodate demand for surgical procedures generated from growth and expansion of employed and community-based provider specialty group practices.
    Anticipated during years 4–5.

  4. Renewal and renovation of the Hospital’s Borda 1 overflow unit to accommodate growth while optimizing and promoting the most efficient use of the Hospital’s licensed bed capacity through the creation of an acuity adaptable unit capable of handling all patient acuities and types, including medical, surgical, bariatric and patients requiring respiratory isolation for infection prevention purposes and future pandemic preparedness.
    Anticipated during years 4–5.

Projects to renew and modernize our campus

  1. Completion of Medical Office Building renovations on urology and multispecialty office spaces and the renewal of the exterior building façade to modernize the entire Medical Office Building.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  2. Renovation and renewal of the Balise (West) Entrance in advance of initiation of construction on the Medical Office Building - Frost Pavilion connector walkway project to facilitate patient, provider and staff flow throughout the facilities.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  3. Development of a connector walkway from the Medical Office Building orthopedic space to the Frost Pavilion of South County Hospital through which surgical specialty providers will gain seamless access to their patients requiring hospital-based care.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  4. Replacement of climate control infrastructure that is nearing the end of its life with infrastructure capable of sustaining operations, including operations associated with expanded procedural areas as noted in projects above while maintaining compliance with infection prevention protocols and regulations.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  5. Replacement and expansion of the oxygen storage reservoir to meet on-campus and home-care demands, including the demands observed during the COVID-19 pandemic event for future pandemic preparedness.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  6. Renovation and renewal of the Hospital’s interventional radiology, cardiac catheterization and fluoroscopy spaces to modernize the Hospital’s interventional procedural platforms to accommodate procedural diagnostics and interventions/treatments by employed and community-based specialist providers.
    Anticipated during years 1–3.

  7. Renovation and renewal of the Hospital’s core Emergency Department rooms expanding on projects already completed in waiting, triage, and low-acuity fast track areas to modernize in totality the Hospital’s emergency care platform, including but not limited to facility response solutions to better accommodate behavior health, holding and respiratory isolation patients for infection prevention purposes and future pandemic preparedness.
    Anticipated during years 4–5.

  8. Renovation and renewal of the Diagnostic Imaging department, consolidating disparate diagnostic imaging suites into a single, integrated suite complimenting South County Health’s Centers for Women’s Health and Cancer Center.
    Anticipated during years 4–5.

Watch a video recording of the community workshop

Please view the video recording (below) of the June 7 community workshop for more information on the projects included in the Institutional Master Plan.

Next Steps

South County Health plans to submit our Institutional Master Plan to the Town of South Kingstown during mid-summer 2022. Once submitted to the Town, the Institutional Master Plan will become part of the public record and available for review. The Town’s Planning Department will review our submission and schedule a public hearing during a Planning Board meeting within 90 days. The public hearing date will be made available once confirmed by the Town of South Kingstown.

Feedback? We want to hear from you!

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